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看板に偽りナシ!溢れこぼれる大量の排泄物!前回の嬢王学園シリーズを上回る怒涛のリンチ!!女子校生集団のあらゆる排泄物を無理矢理詰め込まれ、その責め苦から逃れる事は出来ない。教師は完全便器!飲め、喰え、吸え!汚れたルーズも突っ込んであげる。教師廃棄に序章・・・集団での彼女達は誰にも止められない!【cast】 大貫希 河野りん 真中雛 長谷川りな 雫 姫崎水希 椎名るみ 白石ゆう 桜井彩乃

The sign is correct! Heaps of dung spilling over and spilling! A bigger number of lynchings than in the last Joou Academy arrangement! A gathering of students strongly stuff him with a wide range of fertilizer, and there’s no getting away from the torture. The instructor is a finished latrine! He beverages, eats, and sucks! They’ll likewise push grimy socks in his face.. It’s the start of the end for educators… Nobody can stop these young ladies in a gathering! This is the main part of the educator removal.

Name: Yapoo’s Market – Pure Gold 05.avi
Permission: SD
Duration: 02:00:09
File size : 1.41 GB
Resolution : 512 @ 400


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