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I’m so thirsty! I’m a dirty girl though and I love drinking nasty stuff! Good thing Amanda is here to prepare a dirty drink for me!
We fill up an enema bag full of milk and use it to fill Amanda’s ass up! We put a whole gallon of milk up inside Amanda’s ass! She’s so full of milk! When the milk goes in it’s nice and clean but it’s going to be filthy when it comes out!
Once Amanda’s ass is completely full of milk I put a glass bowl under her ass and she starts to fill it up! Her asshole opens up and all of that milk comes bursting out! Her asshole makes such nasty noises as all that enema milk comes out! The bathroom is quickly filled with the smell of shit and milk! It’s not long before all of the milk is squirted out of her sexy ass!
Now, it’s time for a drink! Amanda fills a cup up with the expelled enema milk for me! Mmm! I take a nice big drink! I swallow it down but I can’t help but gag! I drink some more and gag a little more! Then we get some cookies out to dip into our dirty milk!
Watch Amanda and I dip our cookies in dirty enema milk and drink as much as we can! This is such a dirty drink Amanda has prepared for me!
We start getting dirtier, rubbing the milk and her shit all over our bodies, kissing and drinking more enema milk! I put the bowl to my mouth and take a big gulp! After I’ve had my fill I pour the bowl of nasty, smelly, enema milk into my mouth and let it flow down my body!
What a fun way to spend the morning with my naughty friend!


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