I’m an 83 lb 5’1″ dumb anal bitch who likes to be degraded. I currently have an owner. Check me out on Fetlife if your interested. Not all of my videos here will have scat in them, but I do feature it heavily. The ones that include at least some scat say (Scat) in the title.
Sluttylittlelex is a cute, super-petite girl who is into some extremely kinky stuff. She spends a lot of time stuffing her ass with huge buttplugs, enormous anal beads, gigantic dildos, her fists, and her masters cock.
Her ScatBook is exclusively videos that range from a couple seconds upto 25 minutes; 70 are under a minute, 58 are 1-5 minutes, 34 are 6-25 minutes. There’s 162 videos in this rip featuring solo (teasing, masturbation, toys) and boy/girl (blowjob, anal sex, rimming, creampie).



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