Sophia Sprinkle is a Scatbook star posting a variety of scat content.
Most of the videos included in the pack are panty pooping orientated.
There is a lot of dirty talk throughout the videos, where Sophia treats you as her slave.
There is a human toilet scene featuring CassieScat.

Some subscriber only and PPV content.

Sophia Sprinkle - (FIVE) Goodness Great-Shits June.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - 2 HUGE Heavyweight Shits!.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Another Cum-Poo-Lation (8 Dumps!!).ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - August Four Loads on Toilet Seat!.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Big Shit, Panty Masturbation and Wipe!.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Big Soft Panty Poop in Stilettos!.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Biggest Shits of May Compilation!.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Bowels Like a Bovine.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Clear Panty Dump and Stwinkie-Making!.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Desperate Kitchen Panty Poop.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Desperate Mushy Shit in Bedroom.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Extreme Stepsister Punishment.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - GINORMOUS Vacation Dump+Exam.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Good Boy Gets Fed and Hydrated.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Heavyweight Dump!.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Hot Pink Panty Poop on Chair!.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Hot Pockets!.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Hot Shit Sesh in the Sun.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Hungry Girlfriend Shits White Leggings.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Illuminated Shit Show.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - MAJOR 0.75 Lb. Standing Shit from Behind!.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Mushy Leather Legging Explosion + Smear!.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - POV Panty Poop + Huge Bonus Dump!.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Pantyhose Poop and Smear in Red Dress.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Shitty Kitty.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - THREE Biggest, Baddest Loads of July!.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Toilet POV, Slave Self-Feed + JOI!.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - UNREAL 1.5 Lb. Emergency Panty Poop!!.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - What a MESS! Dirty Anal + Smear.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle - Who Wears Shit Shorts.ScrinListSophia Sprinkle and CassieScat – Two Scat Starlets Feed a Hungry Slave.ScrinList

Format MP4
Width 1080/720
Height 1920/1280
Frame rate 24/30

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