To say that ScatLina likes shit is a understatement, you’ll get to see her here happily eating shit, smearing it all over herself and then throwing it all up to eat again.
Real messy and nasty :wub:.
Most of the clips are recorded in and around her home, but one clip is of her taking a huge dump in the forest where she happily devourer’s it all, with a spoon of course she is a fancy lady after all.
Hope ya’ll enjoy!

ScatLina - 4 Shitty Vomits.ScrinListScatLina - Adventure In Forest.ScrinListScatLina - Blood And Shit Part 1.ScrinListScatLina - Blood And Shit Part 2.ScrinListScatLina - Christmas Dinner.ScrinListScatLina - Dirty Anal.ScrinListScatLina - Dirty Toilet Part 1.ScrinListScatLina - Dirty Toilet Part 2.ScrinListScatLina - I Eat Again From Pussy.ScrinListScatLina - I Eat Shitty Womit Part 1.ScrinListScatLina - I Eat Shitty Womit Part 2.ScrinListScatLina - I Shit From Three Holes With 8 Loads - Part 1.ScrinListScatLina - Masturbation In The Balcony 1 & 2.ScrinListScatLina - Scat Swallow Dental Floss By Top Scat Babe Lina (SG-Video).ScrinListScatLina - Shit With Honey 1 & 2.ScrinListScatLina - Shitty Ashtray.ScrinListScatLina - Shitty Homework.ScrinListScatLina - Shitty Milk 1 & 2.ScrinListScatLina - Soup With Shit.ScrinListScatLina - Tasty Shit From Shoes.ScrinListScatLina - The Day Of Shitty Secretary. Breakfast. Part 1.ScrinListScatLina - The Day Of Shitty Secretary. Lunch. Part 2.ScrinListScatLina - Three Shitty Vomit.ScrinListScatLina - Xtreme Scat Breakfast Real Swallow By Top Babe Lina (SG-Video).ScrinList

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ScatLina – ScatPack – 24 Video
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