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No, it’s gonna leak! The female students who had a shadowy trip to the toilet so much that they wanted to shout “It’s no good!” Dash hard toward the toilet! During school, during class, during club activities, etc. It’s hard for a girl who has held the event when the toilet isn’t vacant! To stop the pee dam on the verge of collapse, I have to hold the interval and endure the waiting while rubbing my thighs together. Even though the toilet is in front of me, I can’t release it, so my urge to urinate is at its peak. At the moment when she finally put down her pride pants on the empty toilet bowl, she spewed out a thick-axis pee with a big pursuit! Dash at the same time as the chime! The chime rings on the way to the toilet and accelerates the Dash! Overtakes the friend who also wants to pee or she overtakes me! Please fully enjoy the “extreme pee” of girls who run with a Dash while suffering in the heart.


Name: SL-494
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 02:20:12
File size : 4.32 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080
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