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Poo19 – Smelly Milana – It Was A Real Slaughter – But I Managed HD|1080p


But I managed! Today I really suffered. I have not experienced such suffering for a long time, but I always swallow! For them it was fun, their goal – to quickly feed me – this. 2 goddesses sat in front of me and I had to carry out everything they ordered me. They spat and ssali in glasses and called it a cocktail – it really looks like a cocktail with foam. The first Christine shattered Continue reading…

It was really difficult – Very tasty video


For the third day, Cristina is taking antibiotics. I asked her to send me pictures of the food she would eat these days before we met. This feeding was very difficult – I whipped 4 gag reflexes and caused Christina’s discomfort – it’s very bad! Shit Christina this time had a completely different taste and smell (this was noticed even by Christina). It had a sour pungent taste and smell, apparently antibiotics strongly violated the microflora. Swallowing was very difficult and it was really cool! Kristina behaved stiffly and constantly urged me, it was impossible to rest, I had to swallow every second. Continue reading…

It was really tasty crap of Christina – HD-720p


Cristina’s shit is still green – the activated charcoal has not yet come out completely, but the shit was pleasant to the taste. When swallowing, I did not feel nauseous. Today, Cristina started antibiotic treatment from ureaplasma, so I also have it, because I swallow her shit. Antibiotics destroy the intestinal microflora – let’s see what kind of shit it will taste next time. Continue reading…