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Girls in Paradise R17 (MFX-836) MFX-Video-NewMFX DVDRip






Release Year: 2005
Video language: English
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing

Description: Hannah invites her two friends to an intimate party that will have a lot of kaviar, piss and vomit. Karla and Iris arrive and don’t waste time, they start to piss in a vase, kiss each other and spill piss all over her body, but they are not happy, so they start to make kaviar in their mouths, breasts and blowing it all over her body and when they are completely wet they delight themselves vomiting and masturbating until they cum… Continue reading…

NewMFX – MF-7971 – Bread with scat – HD-1080p



Patricia and Manuela are starving, and Jaque is taking too long with their breakfast. When the slave arrives, she brings nothing but bread without any filling or accompaniment! Oh, the girls will punish her severely and make her eat bread with a delicious mix… Shit! First, they spit on the bread and in her mouth, making her chew all that filth. Shortly thereafter, they lay her on the table and begin to pee on top of her, causing her to swallow the jets of piss after gargling them. Finally, comes the incredible scene where Jaque chews the shit along with bread and a few spits, and rubs all that pasty and brown filth all over her body while the dommes enjoy her suffering. She almost throws up, but the dommes make her chew all the shit she can! Great breakfast! Continue reading…

NewMFX – MF-7910 – Piss & Scat goop – HD-1080p



Patricia catches Ju drinking the last can of alcohol she left, and gets possessed with it!
As a punishment, Patricia makes the brunette lick her feet while spilling the drink on them, and Ju is forced to suck each part while getting drunk with the alcohol that drips between the domme’s toes.
When the drink is over, Patricia decides to relieve her full bladder of piss on Ju, causing it to spread the golden shower all over her body. Continue reading…

NewMFX – MF-7875-1 Disgusting as it is – Scat – 1080p


Tay and Isabel came from the street shitting themselves! They ate something that was very bad and now they have to take turns to use the bathroom, when Jaque arrives and complains about the stench. Outraged that she has just cleaned the bathroom and that her dommes are messing it up, Jaque tries to complain but Tay and Isabel don’t accept her audacious, dominating her promptly. Now, Jack will serve as a toilet for both of them, and will have to please their asses to encourage the shit to come out. She kisses, rubs her nose and sniffs their asses, but when the shit comes out, Jack gets smeared! Tay and Isabel shit mercilessly, stuffing the slave’s body and face with shit, besides making her chew and swallow the droppings! Yuck! Continue reading…

NewMFX – MF-7851 -Golden champagne and shit – Scat – 1080p

Milla wants to prevent her domme from leaving today, so she tries to put some sleeping medicine in her champagne. For her misfortune, Melissa notices the white powder deposited on her drink and immediately calls Milla to punish her for it. Melissa makes her slave drink another kind of champagne, very golden… Her piss! Like a fountain, she pisses in Milla’s face, in a glass and on the floor, without letting a drop be wasted and making the slave drink it all! In addition, Milla is obliged to serve her domme like a toilet and eat all her shit, that comes out in small pieces that are chewed by the slave. Well, looks like Milla hydrated and fed well on piss and shit, huh? Continue reading…