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It’s time by and by for Kitten’s taking care of. He is hesitant to eat on the grounds that he saw my supper last evening and it was huge. Despite the fact that he’s anxious, he is ravenous and should be taken care of. I’m feeling somewhat mean however and I would prefer not to make it simple for him.

I discharge my poop into his mouth and everywhere all over. It’s very goopy and has a solid smell that occupies the whole room. He takes the two or three pieces in quite a while mouth however then I move my butt around and drop a few pieces of poop on his nose and eyes. That is simply me playing with Kitten – I love seeing his face canvassed in my waste. Today is somewhat extraordinary, in any case.

After I finish my crap, I take my Doc Martens and smear the poop everywhere all over and make him lick it off the boot. Then, at that point I take my crap spread boots and stomp on Kitten with them as he swallows down logs of poop. He gets compacted and wounded with my hefty boots and crap gets everywhere on his chest and stomach. I can’t quit chuckling at how terrible he glances in this state. I make him lick a portion of the poop off of the floor and chide him for making such a wreck, despite the fact that I’m the one placing him in the present circumstance. He licks off the floor until I’m prepared to stomp on him more.

I draw near up with the second camera to flaunt my work. He cries as I cause him to eat more bits of poo off of his own face. He is in hellfire and I’m merrily embarrassing him. He is lower than earth to me. I choose I will keep stomping on him until all the wreck is cleared off his face and brought down his throat. The clasp grows dim as I stomp on him and he cries.

Release Year: 2021
Video language: English
Genre: Scat, Piss, Solo, Big shit, Panty, Outdoor, Dildo, Smearing


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