YVBD-24_(YMVD-Bluray)_Yapoos.Market.Venus.1080p.x264 00000 YVBD-24_(YMVD-Bluray)_Yapoos.Market.Venus.1080p.x264 00001 YVBD-24_(YMVD-Bluray)_Yapoos.Market.Venus.1080p.x264 00002

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Second movie of the Special Auction Festa series Blu-Rays in 1080p. Great live torture and piss drinking episodes. One good “schoolgirl” scat scene, too. The last and very long chapter ruins it for me, though. Stupid bloodletting and stupid Mistress. As always those movies were not purchased by me but by the tracker’s Yapoo Collector Fortnight! Make sure to send some kind words or gifts his way!

The livestock show starts, and two of the sales women draw some of the livestock out of the livestock barn and hang them by the hands. The Princesses enjoyed torturing the sample livestock by whipping, kicking, trampling, cigarette burning and smothering. Even after that, they continued to use the livestock as a perfect urinal. And one of the animals fell victim to a psychotic, bloodcurdling Princess.

Name: YVBD-24_(YMVD-Bluray)_Yapoos.Market.Venus.1080p.x264.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 01:59:52
File size : 7.96 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080


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