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I’m Eva Marie, I love being a Naughty girl and making custom videos.
I love pee videos, period and Poo something very Naughty about filling my pants up with poo :wink:
I film in HD and with film lights so excellent quality, Im told i have a very sexy voice.
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[Shitting And Pissing Lady]New Video For Her Slaves. Incredibly Dirty. One Of A Kind (1080p blood full.hd)

Clip made ??at the request of one of the slaves. Your Lady is very dirty today. She has a period so you can see her dirty ass and pussy. Goddess has a surprise for you. First, much peeing into a blue bowl and later makes a HUGE shit. Always when a Lady has a period, making an incredibly big shit. All this is for you. You have to drink and eat. You can do this slave? Feel free to send your request :
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