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Good Morning!

I wander into the bathroom, sleepy, and stretch a bit. I’m still all soft and sleepy and stretching a bit feels so good on the cold tile 😛

I have a full bladder and can’t wait anymore for the relief of finally taking a nice hard pee. I position a pretty glass cup in front of me and spread my legs and then use my fingers to spread my pussy for better aim hopefully 🙂 I let go and a thin, hard stream of piss starts to fill up the glass with hot yellow fragrant piss.

Pissing in the morning is the best feeling ever! I’m awake now and I stop the camera so I can package up the pee to mail to a happy fan ;P
Actors: CassieScat
Tag:Scat,Copro,Shit,ScatMob,Shitting,anal,anal poop,poop,all scat,copro scat
Name: A Yellow, Morning 756Piss With Legs Spread.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:02:39
File size : 362 MB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080


https://takefile.link/048jjwqhyvr9/A_Yellow__Morning_756Piss_With_Legs_Spread.part1.rar.html?referer=scatbb.com – Part1
https://takefile.link/aujadys3r9b8/A_Yellow__Morning_756Piss_With_Legs_Spread.part2.rar.html?referer=scatbb.com – Part2
https://takefile.link/s24iiuqusysa/A_Yellow__Morning_756Piss_With_Legs_Spread.part3.rar.html?referer=scatbb.com – Part3

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