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Master loves to keep me on edge as much as I enjoy being pushed to my limits. Being constantly challenged and venturing in many different kinks and fetishes with Master has me wondering what extreme adventure we will be visiting next. I enjoy this immensely. It perpetuates my passion and wonder of full excitement constantly. This new fetish of poop, shit and scat is quite different, interesting and erotic.. Come see me start my journey in being excited and even in awe.

In this video, he uses me as a human toilet. First he spreads my pussy wide open with a speculum and pisses into my pussy until it overflows… but he’s not finished yet so he empties his bladder all over my stomach. Mmm, I love it when his warm urine splashes heavy on my pussy and stomach. He then puts my hands and feet in bindings so I can hold a toilet seat stretched out above me so he can take a stinky poo on me. I love watching his cute butthole open up and his hot load land on my belly. I smear his poo all over me and even on my face. I love this so much that Master hands me a vibrator to use on my clit to cum gladly. The smell of his poop has me cumming in seconds.

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