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Bratgirl had to be put back in plastic baby pants!

Bratgirl has been wetting and pooping herself so much, she’s now not only diapered, but also back into plastic baby pants! She needs them over her diapers because she makes such a dirty mess. Her Mom can’t understand why she won’t just use the toilet like other big girls, but Bratgirl has no intention of doing that. She’s way too lazy, and would much rather just piss and shit herself instead.

She refuses the toilet, preferring to wet & mess herself instead!

She says she doesn’t have time for the toilet, but there is of course her dirty little secret that the feeling of a pee soaked and poop filled diaper has become a huge turn on and stress reliever for her. There is nothing like the feeling of hot pee flooding around a girl’s pussy and load of warm poop between her butt cheeks to get her sexually aroused. And there’s no better way to relieve stress than to masturbate afterwards in the mess.

Even in plastic pants, Bratgirl still ends up in a dirty mess!

Now that she’s preparing for her big exam, Bratgirl is in diapers and plastic pants all day, and regularly needs to be changed. She happily fills them with pee and poop whenver she feels the need. As she sits there studying and reading her notes, she just lets it all go without a second thought.

The addition of plastic pants was supposed to help contain the mess, but Bratgirl can’t stop herself moving around, touching and squashing the poopy bulge, sitting down on it and wriggling, and generally doing anything to get the most enjoyment she can from the huge bulging mess between her legs. So despite the extra protection, the insides of her legs end up covered in poop anyway!
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