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“so big, so elastic, and at the same time fragile dessert. Still a little warm, it can easily fit in the mouth, where it will begin to melt like caramel. Delicate creamy coffee-nut taste is intertwined with the aroma of musk creating a unique combination of bitter taste and deep aftertaste… ”
– Are you saying this is a description of the shit out of her dirty ass?
– Well, I think it’s a little poetic and describes what is happening well…
-You are entirely crazy comparing a fresh pile of shit from a huge juicy ass that is slow … well, I already wanted to see it
– This time, yes… I have never seen such a beautiful poop.
-It’s not just poop, it’s like a tail that you need to wrap your lips around and gently…
Damn, can you not comment on everything you see?
-Did I say that out loud?
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