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– Hey, don’t grab my tail…
– Uh, tail?
– Yes, he will grow up soon and we will start making love.
– Ahem, but I don’t see any tail, are you some werewolf or what?
– Hey, what’s that smell? What? Wait, wait, your tights won’t last…
– *indistinct mumbling*
– Fiuu, finally I got rid of this huge fresh, fragrant pile of warm creamy but thick shit…
– Hey, what is this swarming in my pants, is someone stuck under my tail again?
– Damn, that’s right… a careless spectator…
– I told you not to touch my delicate tail!
Tag:Scat,Copro,Shit,ScatMob,Shitting,anal,anal poop,poop,all scat,copro scat
Name: Turd tail or 67575what.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 00:03:58
File size : 578 MB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080



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