Miss Medea Mortelle - The First Time Is Never Easy (Scat & Piss) 00000
Miss Medea Mortelle - The First Time Is Never Easy (Scat & Piss) 00001
Miss Medea Mortelle - The First Time Is Never Easy (Scat & Piss) 00002
Miss Medea Mortelle - The First Time Is Never Easy (Scat & Piss).ScrinList
My slave has never tried scat before, so I will change this today and take his toilet virginity. But first, I am slowly preparing him for the upcoming task. He has to swallow my spit and lick the sweat off my armpits. All of my body fluids are something a slave should worship! Next, I make him lick my sexy high heels. After he worshipped them enough, I take them off and sit on his lap. While I jerk his cock, my sub now has to kiss and lick my nylon feet. Finally, he gets to worship the body part he is longing for: My perfect, round ass. I sit on his face, which he enjoys very much… Now that he is horny, it´s the perfect time to use him as a toilet and see if he can drink my piss. I have to pee very, very hard today & I want to pee it all into his mouth. My slave has big trouble swallowing the huge amounts of piss that are flowing out of my pussy. I make him slurp up everything that he spit out, because it is not acceptable that any of my divine piss is getting wasted! Now I sit on his tongue with my naked butt and make him lick my butthole. Let´s see if he is ready for the real challenge! I will use him as a shit toilet now for the first time in his life… I shit my load onto his chest and challenge him to lick my butthole clean. Even though he tries to escape, I just sit on his tongue with my dirty asshole. After he cleaned my shitty ass, I then take the shit from his chest and put it in his mouth, where it belongs. Now he can call himself a filthy toilet bitch!
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