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Sometimes these JAV titles make little to no sense, due to translation presumably. At any rate, we have another fun little scat film from Japan, featuring the illustrious Izumi Asato. In this film, the endearing couple start off with a workout together. How nice. Followed by: facesitting (panties on), a handjob, more facesitting (panties off), some old fashioned ass worship with ass smelling/sniffing, spreading and eating/rimming, finishing off the scene with more facesitting while masturbates and finally the pièce de résistance: a bit of old fashioned faceshitting, dirty ass grinding and a dirty handjob. So fun and nasty. The next scene starts with her in the kitchen, making him dinner (or lunch, who cares) while he eats her ass. She rewards him with another poop to the face. The post-credit scene shows her sitting on a human toilet-style setup with a dirty ass, where she masturbates and shits one last time, no human toiletry actually depicted I should note.

Name: ODV-447.mp4
Permission: FullHD
Duration: 01:27:07
File size : 2.55 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080


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