Welcome to my profile!I’m a 26 year old French girl addicted to sex, masturbation and extreme, dirty things.Subscribe for extreme and exclusive content.Lots of surprises for my fans and i love getting your little messages!
This pack is a collection of videos from the Scatbook shop of Misspoop.
She always hides her face but she does great scat content, both dirty anal fucking and shit smearing.
Lots of nice and messy cloesups of her ass when she shits, quite a few of the videos are also recorded outside so you get to see some lovely public scat content.
Hope ya’ll enjoy!


A delicious dessert to enjoy in my pussy 2023-01-25 18_22.ScrinListA sudden emergency 2023-01-22 09_11.ScrinListA sudden urge during breakfast 2023-01-30 18_15.ScrinListA very classy morning turd _ 2023-02-18 08_56.ScrinListDelicious French pastry 2023-01-22 09_01.ScrinListEmptying my rectum at a motorway service area 2023-01-28 08_45.ScrinListEmptying my rectum with a metallic plug _ 2023-02-14 08_44.ScrinListEmptying my rectum with a metallic plug __ 2023-01-29 07_42.ScrinListFrench girl shits in the kitchen 2023-01-22 09_08.ScrinListIIIdeal breakfast 2023-01-22 08_58.ScrinListI love sausage in the ass! _ 2023-02-04 08_12.ScrinListI play with my plug _ 2023-01-28 09_01.ScrinListI play with my plug and the shit! _ 2023-01-30 18_12.ScrinListI shit in my girlI shit myself 2023-01-22 09_10.ScrinListI shit on the dining table _ 2023-01-22 09_05.ScrinListI shit when I cook _ 2023-02-15 05_56.ScrinListI take a dum in the wild. More inside my fans zone _ 2023-01-25 18_25.ScrinListI try to shit on myself but I canLittle morning scat play 2023-01-22 08_52.ScrinListMmmmm_ 2023-01-22 09_12.ScrinListMorning shit 2023-01-22 09_07.ScrinListMy caviar always tastes so good after breakfast _ 2023-02-11 06_52.ScrinListMy delicious caviar _ 2023-02-11 06_50.ScrinListMy dilated asshole with a speculum _ 2023-02-18 09_00.ScrinListMy favorite cigar 2023-01-22 09_14.ScrinListWhen IWhen I dump my shit on the dining table! 2023-02-04 08_08.ScrinListWhen a BBC rips my ass __ 2023-01-25 18_28.ScrinListWhen squatting makes me want to shit _ 2023-02-11 06_47.ScrinList

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8 x 1080p
14 x 720p
2 x 640p

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