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The upper arms and the cleavage of the chest that seem to be comfortable to the touch, illuminated by the midsummer sunlight. And all the clothes of the lower body are taken off, and flatus and feces are born with the buttocks exposed.
Viewing angles description:
– The Full Shot placed diagonally upward shows a pleasant and relieved expression, and a healthy upper body that is exposed.
– Ensemble Shot. You can appreciate the wriggling pussy as if responding to the force and the feces being sucked into the toilet.
– Targeting only the anus and capturing the contraction of the pink hole and the opening during defecation. Large Anal Angle.
– The trajectory of feces dripping onto the surface of the water while approaching. Fallen Angel Angle.
– A beautiful traditional Japanese defecation figure sitting on a Japanese-style toilet. The contrast between the exposed back and the stool is beautiful. Beautiful Back Angle.
Please enjoy this work to your heart’s content.

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Name: SR084.mp4
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Duration: 03:06:42
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Resolution : 1920 @ 1080
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