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This will be your breakfast or lunch. Maybe it will be your brunch.

You are just a poo-vert, who loves being controlled, by this feminine fecal-factory. And that is what I do. I control you, with this fleshy, feminine fecal-factory.

I know all you think about when you are out in public and you see a girl with a beautiful ass. You just think about the shits that she takes. That is what arouses you the most. Not imagining fucking her. No. That is not for poo-verts. You are just a true poo-vert. And all you think about is eating and smelling her shit. And watching her take it, too. Seeing her ass gape around a fat turd. Fat turds that you wish you can take into your mouth. You think it is so glorious.

Do you feel controlled, by my shit-hole, Poo-vert? And it is so ironic that I control you with such a shitty part of me.

Poo-verts, like you, no longer need to rely on your imagination, when you are with me. Because your imagination runs wild, when seeing women in public. It runs wild, thinking about all the senses, that are going to be engaged, when a woman has to take a shit. You want to see her, taking a shit. You want to smell the shit, she is taking. You want to eat the shit. You want to touch the shit. You just want everything to do with her shit. As long as it is coming from a beautiful fecal-factory. And that is what you think about, when you are out in public.

And this girl-ass truly is such a shit-factory. Just a big, fleshy, feminine fecal-factory. Such a big, feminine fecal-factory that just turned from pink to brown. Did you get to see how my ass gaped, around that fat shit? Did that turn you on? This feminine, creator of shit.

And you enjoy the product of girl-ass. What does girl-ass produce? Caca. That’s right. Girl-shit is the produce of girl-ass.

It will be nice and fresh and warm. Just like the nice, fresh, warm shit, I just took into your mouth. Caca doo doo. The fresher, the better. And that is how we all like our produce. Like a nice loaf of bread. Except instead of a loaf of bread, it is produce from girl-ass. A loaf of caca.

Poo-verts, like you, just love everything about girl-ass. And I truly mean, everything. And this video is proof of it. Absolutely everything. The smell, the taste, the texture, the look, the produce from my girl-ass, the caca connection. That is what you live for. You live for the produce of girl-ass. You worship the produce of girl-ass. You just want that caca connection, all the time.
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