Tulip - Tulip Tulip - Tulip Tulip - Tulip Tulip - TulipTulip - Tulip
Here is the opening of the scene:

“Hello slave. Do you want to see the naked glory of my great, glorious girl-ass?

Of course you do. After all, I am talking about Tulip’s terrific, tender tush. So, of course, you want to see my beautiful, bare bum.

But slave. There is only one reason why I bare my ass to slaves, like you. Only one reason. And that’s to feed you the product of my delightful, delectable derrière.

Listen up, slave. Beneath these panties is a shameless shit-shack. But my shit-shack is only shameless for slaves who eat what comes out of my shameless shit-chute. So slave, do you promise to eat the product of Tulip’s turd-tunnel?

Good. But I have to warn you, slave. The product of Tulip’s turd-tunnel does not smell like tulips. In fact, it doesn’t smell like any kind of flower. That’s because the product of Tulip’s turd-tunnel is shit. Stinky, smelly shit. So slave, do you want to see the naked glory of my shapely, shaggable shit-shack?

Of course you do. But here is one last warning. From the moment I pull my panties down, you are obligated to eat all of my smelly crap. Because that’s the only reason why I bare my ass to a slave, like you. Do you understand?

That’s good. It’s time to turn my pretty, pink poop-pipe into a beastly, brown bum-hole.”
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Name: Tulip – Tulip’s One Reason.mp4
Permission: UltraHD 4K
Duration: 00:12:59
File size : 2.10 GB
Resolution : 2160 @ 2880


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