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Me and Mistress Alice have a new toy. He is good looking gentlemen who claim that he has a lot of experience being a master and having slave girls. After we had dinner with him and discussing a few things we decided that he must try to be our slave and if he does not like it he can be our Master. Of course, we never intended to be his slaves at all. He agrees and we tied up his hands and put him under our toilet chair. The next 20 min he turned around his orientation and he completely submits to us and even eats our shit! After you eat my shit there is no turning back… there is no Master any more. You just ate shit, how can you be a master??? Now he becomes our toilet! And in the next video, he is even a better human toilet!
Name: Turning Master into a Slave.wmv
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Duration: 00:19:32
File size : 370 MB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080

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