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College student Lemon is a young lady who enjoys living alone without any inconvenience in a luxury apartment owned by her parents who run a company. She picked up a homeless man in a park, named him Gori, and kept him as a pet livestock in a warehouse on the balcony of an apartment complex. Lemon, a true S., wears a collar on Gori, walks on all fours along the promenade in a residential area with the dog behind her, and in her living room, her daily routine is to make the dog eat the feces and filth she puts out in a bowl. One day, her two best friends from high school, Nanako and Usagi, come to see her new pet livestock. Lemon pulls Gori out of the warehouse and exposes him in front of the two, and they all force him to eat pork by whipping him with dirty food mixed with chewed food and excrement. From there, the girls’ gradual, insidious and cruel lynching training began…

女子大生 檸檬.は会社を経営する親所有の高級マンションにて、何不自由のない1人暮らしを満喫してしているお嬢様。公園で拾ったホームレスの男にゴリと名付けペット家畜としてマンションベランダの倉庫で監禁飼育していた。真性Sの檸檬.はゴリに首輪を装着、住宅街の遊歩道を四つん這いで犬曳き散歩し、自宅リビングではボウルに出した糞尿汚物を餌として犬喰いさせるのが日課だった。ある日、女学院高校時代からの親友 なな子とうさぎの2人のお嬢様達が新しいペット家畜を見に訪れる。檸檬.はゴリを倉庫から曳き出し2人の前に晒すと、皆で咀嚼物や糞尿等の混ざった汚物餌を鞭で追い込み豚喰いを強要。そこからお嬢様達のジワジワと陰湿で残酷なリンチ調教が開始された…。

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Duration: 01:46:29
File size : 18.7 GB
Resolution : 1920 @ 1080


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