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I come home after a walk and my slave is ready to take care of my feet. I ask him to lick the bottoms of my Converse shoes. He has to take off my shoes and sniff my dirty stinky socks. Then he has to lick my sweaty big size 11 feet. My slave is enjoying my feet a lot. Maybe too much actually!

“You would do anything for me and my feet, right?.. Anything I would ask you?” “Hmm hmm” My slave’s answer is positive but I know action speaks louder than words. I want to test his obedience to me. And I’m getting bored with just having my feet worshipped! I want him to worship my ass too. I make him sniff my ass though my panties. I take off my panties and make him sniff my naked butt hole some more. “I want you to appreciate the smell of my ass as much as you like my feet scent”.

I have another big surprise for him! I hate a lot of foods yesterday and my ass is really full. I announce him I’m about to to take in his mouth! I can hear him complain… “You said you would do anything for me slave… So shut up and open you mouth wide!!”

A big thick log comes out from my little asshole, and then some soft shit falls directly into his mouth. It seems he is about to throw up. I laugh at him: “It’s the price you have to pay to worship my feet! I decide what I’m doing with you! From now on I’ll shit on your face whenever I want to!”

I successfully turned my foot slave turned into a human toilet! All I have to do is to keep my perfect feet always in view to keep him frustrated while motivated at the same time. He is so hooked to my feet that he will do anything! I know he will be back for more!

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