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: What do you get when you add 1 adorable Colombiana with 2 bodysuits, 2 loads of Colombiana scat, a full stomach, some electrical take and a stocking for my head? I promise you this…it adds up to something AMAZING! An hour long show that starts with me tying my tits super tight and putting my lingerie back on while I masturbate for you. Then I do the thing I know you love the most…I paint my beautiful body with my fresh shit. I even paint my beautiful red hair. Do I remember you saying that you love when I eat my shit? Well…I’ll do anything to make Daddy happy! After I eat several piece of my yummy shit, I put on a stocking over my head and a very lacy bodysuit and immediately start to paint the bodysuit with the second load of scat. I’m like a double-dipped ice cream cone…only I’ve been dipped and coated with my shit. Delicious! But I always want to go the extra mile to make you happy…so I pull that extra stocking over my head and start to vomit while wearing it. You might think that stockings are porous and would let the vomit escape…but you’d be wrong. It was nearly impossible to breath while puking and wearing that stocking. After emptying my stomach, I put on the second bodysuit and use my trusty vibrator until I cum so hard for Daddy. And what better way to finish a show than taking a quick little shower. Watch me remove the stocking, bodysuits and tape while I make myself all shiny and clean for Daddy’s next game!
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