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Dressed in a latex bodysuit, thigh high boots and an SM rope that squeezes my chest, I introduce myself to my master and regularly smoke in front of the camera. I’m ready to become a thing, to become his slave obeying all his desires. And he will make me do the worst tortures !

First, my master will hit my breasts, then whip them with a leather flogger ! They will turn red, and I will smoke while he tortures me and I scream with pleasure !

I will then have my ass kicked with a leather swatter, before having to make a huge caviar in a dog bowl. He penetrates my ass right after I shit.

On my knees like a female dog, bowl on the ground, I’m going to have to lick and suck my shit, then put some in my mouth, chew and swallow a big piece. I swallow then I rush into my bowl several times, before licking my puke and swallowing a little.

I should then cover myself entirely with shit, body, face, hair ! I will even put caviar in my nostrils to expel it. Then my master will come and fuck my ass with his big cock (dildo) in different positions. I will piss then. He will also open my ass with an XXL dildo and I will prolapse.

He continues to fuck me mercilessly in new positions, destroys my anus, until I beg him to cum in my big slutty ass while licking my bowl full of caviar.

He knows how to treat the whore that I am, I deserved only that. Thank you Master !

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