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This movie starts with Ai Okamoto introducing herself, then the cameraman asking her questions about her past, with her showing photographs. The scene ends with the cameraman pulling her panties off and inspecting her vagina.

The next scene has her sitting on the couch as the cameraman fingers her vagina. She gets pretty wet, and the cameraman moves to finger her ass next. He then pulls out his finger with a bit of poop on the tip, and holds it near her face to inspect. She then sucks his finger clean and strips fully.

She then urinates into a bowl, and blows bubbles/sips with a straw for a while. Following that, she gets up on a table and squats to defecate, filling a bowl that the cameraman is holding up with a single turd. She then proceeds to inject herself with an enema, and soon fills the bowl with more feces. The cameraman then proceeds to smear feces onto her face and put some into her mouth. She is unwilling at first but soon eases into it. The cameraman then sticks his feces coated fingers into her mouth until she gags and spits out the feces in her mouth. He proceeds to smear more feces onto her face, neck, and chest.

The movie cuts to her lying down on the plastic covered floor masturbating with a rotor on her clit while the cameraman takes more feces from the bowl to smear onto her body and put in her mouth. She switches to a hitachi and the scene ends after she orgasms.

The next scene has her laying on the floor fully clothed, and she moves to a chair with her ass pointed towards the cameraman, who proceeds to finger her ass, as it gets dirtier and dirtier. Eventually he pulls out two feces coated fingers and puts them near her face to inspect and puts some feces on her tongue.

The movie then cuts to a colonoscope camera entering her ass, and she is shown the screen as the camera enters her feces filled rectum. It then cuts to her naked squatting on a chair as she urinates and defecates into a bowl, then injects herself with another enema. This time a man behind her holds her legs up as she defecates to fill the bowl more. The cameraman then starts playing with her breasts and smearing feces onto them before smearing her entire chest and face with feces, and plugs her nose with feces. Some feces is also slathered onto her hair before the cameraman proceeds to pull out a toothbrush and brushes her teeth with feces and putting more feces into her mouth to chew. He then puts a small doll into her mouth to coat in feces. She spits out the feces and the cameraman then cleans her tongue with a tongue scraper. The camera then cuts to a man walking up and urinating into her mouth. She then lays down as the man rubs at her clit and the cameraman smears her hair with more feces. More feces is smeared onto her as the man continues to pleasure her with fingers and a hitachi. She then gets up and gives the man a blowjob. He then has sex with her in multiple positions, with her cumming between position switches, and the scene ends with the man cumming on her mouth and face.

She is then given another enema and fills up a bowl with dirty enema fluid. The cameraman puts a stocking over her head, and pours the dirty enema fluid into it as she gasps for air. She indicates she needs to defecate again, and they place the bowl below her.

Release Year: 2021
Video language: Japanese
Genre: Jav Scat, Piss Jav, Jav Solo Scat, Big shit Jav, Panty Jav, Outdoor Shit, Dildo Anal Scat Jav, Smearing Scat jav


File Name : OPUD-001
Permission : SD
File Size : 1.76 GB
Resolution : 640 @ 480
Duration : 01:58:03



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