The fourth movie of the OPUD series from the studio OPERA starring Yamada Akane

This movie follows the modified version of the standard OPUD formula:
1) Interview + Vagina inspection
2) Vaginal and Anal fingering + Inspection/cleaning of dirty fingers
3) The actress is stripped and gets onto a table to urinate and defecate, gets an enema, defecates again
4) Poop is smeared onto her face and put into her mouth
5) The actress lies on the floor and masturbates with rotors and vibrators while poop is smeared and poured on her and some is put in her mouth
6) Cut to the actress clean again, she gets onto a chair and gets anally fingered
7) A colonoscope is inserted and the actress gets to see the poop in her rectum
8) She poops and gets an enema, poops again
9) Poop is fed to her and gets smeared on her face and hair
10) She is forced to wear a poop smeared face mask
11) A man comes and starts pleasuring her vagina and anus while she gets poop smeared on her and fed to her
12) She gives him a blowjob
13) The man has sex with her in multiple positions
14) She is given another enema
15) Pantyhose is put over her head, with the dirty enema fluid poured over her head



Name: OPUD-004
Permission: SD
Duration: 01:52:13
File size : 1.58 GB
Resolution : 640 @ 480
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