Tulip - Breakfast at Tulip Tulip - Breakfast at Tulip Tulip - Breakfast at Tulip Tulip - Breakfast at TulipTulip - Breakfast at Tulip
Here is the opening scene from Tulip:

“Poo-vert, you are here this morning for breakfast at Tulip’s. And you know what breakfast at Tulip’s means to you. Poo-vert, your breakfast is going to be served, compliments of Tulip’s terrific, tender tush. After all, this is a “Tulip’s Turd Tunnel” production. Oh, it’s a production, alright. It’s a production of shit. From Tulip’s turd-tunnel. So, anyone who is not expecting shit from this production, is in the wrong place.

But Poo-vert, you are in the right place. Because you know what to expect from a “Tulip’s Turd Tunnel” production. You know what breakfast at Tulip’s means. That’s right, you get to eat Tulip’s terrific shit. Compliments of Tulip’s terrific, tender tush. Compliments of Tulip’s turd-tunnel. Are you hungry for breakfast?

Good. Open your mouth for my naked, stinky, smelly, shit-filled ass. Eat my shit. Eat Tulip’s terrific shit.”
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