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A new star joins Tulip’s Turd Tunnel. Expect this star to rise fast with her bountiful booty, sultry voice, and firm logs of shit. Wel-cum to the world of June Starr.

The scene opens with June feeding an entire log of sweet shit to Poo-vert. The scene closes with a strip tease, showcasing the bountiful booty of June Starr.

Here is an excerpt from June:

“I control you with my shit. My shit-shack is wonderful for shagging and wonderful for shitting. But I control you with my shit. I shag when I am horny but I shit when I want to control men. And that’s what I am doing with you.

I know that you can smell my rank, filthy, foul smell. And you can taste my disgusting shit. Yes. And I know that the way it tastes makes it smell even stronger. And the way it smells makes it taste even stronger.

I know you are always going to eat this produce like groceries. Because I control you this way. Yes, that’s right. Every single time. I control you just like this. Yea, I control you with my shit. With the smell of it, with the feel of it, with the taste of it. Yea, that’s right. This is how I control you.”
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